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Universe of Creativity at Dedalo Gallery

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The easiest way to start this post is through numbers. These are particular-nature made. They do not lie. Therefore, it is impossible not to mention numbers when we talk about Dedalo Gallery. Why? Because Dedalo gathers more than 1000 varied- technique designers and artisans spread out all over more than 10 showrooms. Handicraft, household items, clothing, toys, jewelry, books, CDs, pictures and more are being shown in a colorful, pleasant environment.

Nevertheless, Dedalo is much more than numbers. This 700m2 old house, built in 1917, is a high quality contemporary and author design gallery. The exhibited pieces are 80% handmade. Works of art are accepted provided that they are original and not being traded in massive markets, have a  finish of quality and an accessible price for the market.

On the other hand, if for some reason these pieces do not fulfill the necessary requirements (neither enough innovative nor original), the gallery links the designers or artisans to another traditional ones through a personalized way so the final product reaches the quality standards that the gallery requires.

The gallery’s goal is to recover traditional techniques with peruvian materials by means of the application of a more comtemporary design. This is possible thanks to many agreements with Mincetur (our International Trade and Tourism Ministry) in such a way that traditional artisans can access to other kind of markets, minimizing the cultural impact and preserving the traditional handicraft, that is, creating a new one without eliminating the previous one. This iniciative responds to the constant renovation spirit of the gallery. A good example is the Grimanesa Neuhaus pieces, made out of Pucara technique (Puno, Peru), peruvian flora line.

Dedalo is nowadays part of the only one gastronomic tour called “Encantos de la Noche Limeña” (Lima Night’s Charm), where there is a peruvian food produtc tasting (like yellow pepper, asparagus, etc) for visitors. They also have a showroom for temporary and collective exhibitions. They are also provided with a cafeteria-garden where events like books presentations, concert performances not only the ones performed by the gallery ones but also the ones performed by other institutions, are taking place.

However, there is much more than that. It also works as a local show case and, even though picture taking in the gallery is forbidden,  it is usual to see students taking notes or entire families  just walking around to “entertain” themselves with the beauty of the pieces and the gallery environment on Sundays (this is culturally very “peruvian”).

It is hard to talk about the 10 best buys of the gallery due to the diversity and quantity of their exhibited and sold products. Being an author gallery, few times you may get discounts or opportunities. Auctioning is simply impossible. Exhibitors might be competing among them and this is about supporting talented people, specially young ones, who are just starting and whose talent is unrecognized yet. These artists are generally coming and going from the gallery in the mornings, picking up and carrying new works of art, so we strongly recommend you to visit Dedalo around that time. This will give you the opportunity to interact with them.

They will surely be very happy to share their experience with you and it will add a sentimental value to your purchase.

Even though they consider themselves as a medium budget gallery, you can also find pieces for as much as a $300.00 chair (innovative design). The price is fixed by the designer, but they always try to keep it affordable.

Dedalo Gallery’s additional services are their wedding lists, national and international delivery and packing services for big works of art through cargo agencies (UPS, DHL, Fedex, etc.) and wrapping service available.

This is one of the most ideal places to shop due to the variety and quality of the exhibited pieces, as well as to visit for fun. You won’t regret.

Note:  English spoken.

Cafeteria only accepts cash.

All credit cards accepted.

Dedalo Gallery

Address: Paseo Saenz Peña 295 Barranco
Visiting hours: Mondays to Sundays from 11 am to 7 pm, except Saturdays (from 10 am to 8 pm).